Situated on the Southeast of Guangdong Province and neighboring Fujian, Chiu Chow is found on the Southern area of China – high on the Northwest on low on the Southeast. It has an area of approximately 100500 square Kilometres and a coastline as long as 200 Kilometres – 300 Kilometres when the islands are counted. Chiu Chow is blessed with a mild climate – located at the southmost tip of the Asia-European continents, Eastern Sea and Southern Sea on the South, across North America over the Pacific Ocean – occupying among the best of the lands, and populating among the best of peoples.


Chiu Chow boasts a high population of 12 million, averaging one Chiuchower for every hundred Chinese. Shantou has the highest number of some 3.6 million; among the counties highest being Chao Yang’s over 2 Million. Most densely populated is Deng Hai County, averaging 1,865 per squared Kilometre, when least densely Jie Xi averages 482. And there are millions of those who have moved abroad.


During Xia, Shan, Zhou, Chiu Chow was barely inhabited. When Emperor Chin Shih Huang victored over Bai Yue 33 years into his enthronement (214 BC), military presence was established symbolizing that of the Emperor’s reign. At the end of Chin, Chen Shen and Wu Guang started a revolution, Zhao Tuo claimed himself ruler, rendering the first of political establishments. By Emperor Han Wu Year 6 (111 BC), the Emporer set up Jie Yang County at Southern Sea Commandry, being a part of the Central Government. At the time the Jie Yang Country territory included the nowadays Chao Shan areas, with Mei Chao City, and a part of Min Nang. By the Xu Dynasty Chiu Chow began to have administrative structure of five counties. After numerous changes through the dynasties of Tang, Song, Yuan, Chiu Chow had become ‘Chiu Chow Administrative Region.’ By Chong Zheng Year 7 (1634 AD), the ‘Chiu Chow Administrative Region’ included eight counties with great expansion of its territory. By administration, the Administrative Region was under the administration of Guangdong. Qian Long Year 3 (1737 AD), the Region administers 9 counties. In 1914 Guandong practised the System of ‘Dao Guan’, in 1920 under the administration of Guandong Province. In 1921 the Shantao City Government was set up, administrating separately from Denghai County, totally 10 counties in the area. In 1933 added Nanshan Committee at the intersection of Chaoyang, Puling, and Huiling, later changed to Nanshan Management Office. Japan Invaded, Chaozhou fell and a Colonial Government set up. In 1945 Japan surrendered unconditionally, the nation was handed back. The various counties of Chiu Chow designated the Office of Administrative Commission, overseeing counties including Chau On, Chau Yang, Jie Yang, Yao Ping, Hui Lai, Pui Ling, Deng Hai, Nan Ao, Feng Shun, and Tai Pao as well as Nan Shan Administrative Office, with Shan Tao directly under the Province. After 1949, the Office of Administrative Regional Commission of Chao Shan Region, Guandong People’s Government was formally set up, designating Shan Tao City as a provincially administrative city. Chao Shan became a Special Administrative Region in 1991.


At the time of Tan Xian Zong (819 AD), Han Wen Gong was Chiu Chow Commissioner who administered well, he upheld ‘Li’, ‘Yi’, resulting in a revival in culture. People worked hard, were well-educated, frugal, persevering, making the area a safe place to work in live in. Extending the geographical realm of Chiu Chow, leaning on mountains and facing the seas, rendering an ambitious and seaward-bound people, sailing the seas. Initially mostly Southeast Asia, with Thailand at the top. Chiuchowers have since been found across the nations. When Rangoon invaded Thailand, Zheng Chao took the lead and overcame the enemy, successfully defending the land, and was well-supported by the people. He became known as King Zheng of Thailand, much revered by those after him. Overseas Chiuchowers are known to be hardworking, of high integrity, business-savvy, blooming where they are planted, remembering and giving to the Motherland, treasuring and running education institutes, and establishing Chiu Chow benevolent associations in various places, coordinating the communities and villagers. ‘Ren’, ‘Yi’, ‘Li’, ‘Zhi’, shining among Chiu Chow descendents, wishing the Chiu Chow people carrying the baton, building a bright future.