About Design of the Association’s Logo

In order to have a uniformed public image, the association requested Director Po-Chu Lee, MAIBC, to design two logo items to represent the association – the badge and the membership card. In illustrating the design concept, Ms. Lee pointed out that the badge was adopted from the association logo. First is the colorful layout, utilizing layers of design to reveal the landscapes of the Chiu Chow region. On the back is the symbol of Canada – the Maple Leaf. The association’s name is written both in Chinese and English. Also the Chiu Chow map is represented in four colors – gold being the founding members, beige being the permanent members, blue being the regular members. When presented to guests or dignitaries the region will be white in color. The overall meaning of the logo portraits the dynamics of Chiu Chow Canadians – the circle being unity and harmony, which is one of the association’s founding principles: gold symbolizes the land, blue the sky, beige the East, white the West, implying unity across the lands.

About Design of the Membership Card

The membership card is only as large as a credit card for ease of carrying. The association logo is centered in the front, with “Peace with Villagers; Blessings to Overseas Communities” (in Chinese, translated here) on two sides. The sayings were given by Honorary Permanent President Dr. David Lam and other leading advisors as a charge for the association, and thus imprinted on the membership card. Also the association’s name “Chiu Chow Benevolent Association of B.C. Canada” is printed in English. On the front of the card is surrounded a braided cord for decoration, which also communicates a sense of dignity. The use of a braided cord signifies that the association consists of numerous members, that the Chiu Chow people are united without prejudice, forming a strong force with flexibility and forbearance, ready to meet challenges at all times. The membership card has three colors. The background is silver, together with purple and white, making a visual impact of a touch of class and elegance. It shows that under any circumstances, dignity and gracefulness will not be compromised. On the back of the card is stated the member’s name, membership number, the member’s signature, and valid dates of use, complete with the terms of use. The English alphabet of the number tells if the member is a founding, permanent, or regular member. Note: the advantage of the membership card is to enjoy a ten-percent purchase discount with participating businesses. The names of these businesses will be published at a later time.

About the Designer Po-Chu Lee

Po-Chu Lee was born in Hong Kong. She furthered her studies in Canada after graduating from secondary school, and became a student at the University of Manitoba. She studied music and having earned a Bachelor’s Degree, moved on to the Faculty of Architecture and completed her studies of Master’s Degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City Planning, respectively. She is currently the owner of Sinfonia Architecture, Inc., a practice of designing, management, and completion of a series of architecture and landscape architecture works of various kinds.