CCBA Members at Central Park

Central Park Special Member’s Meeting July 28, 2004

The Chiu Chow Benevolent Association has held a Special Members Meeting recently at Burnaby’s Central Park, for the discussions of purchasing Units #1263 and #1265 at #3779 Sexsmith Rd., Richmond as the association’s permanant premises. The event was attended by CCBA’s consultants, directors, members and their families. The media and some sister associations were also represented. According to Alex Nam, President of CCBA, the connected units had been visited on-site by real estate consultants and the association’s Board. Having been approved by the Board, the…

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CCBA representatives

Dr. Cheung-kok Choi Memorial

A special memorial event took place at the Ching Ming Festival commemorating the late Dr. Cheung-kok Choi, at the Choi Building, University of British Columbia. It would have been Dr. Choi’s 90th birthday. He passed away three years ago. At the same time, a Ming Dynasty imitate “Peace Bell”, co-sponsored by Dr. Cheung-kok Choi Memorial Fund and UBC, was unveiled. There was an attendance of some 200 from distinguished members of society and officials from the Governments. The Institute of Asian Research is housed in…

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