CCBA Soccer Team潮州會館足球隊

CCBA Soccer Team was formed in 1999, with Mr. Rick Hui as Team Manager, President David W. Choi and Honorary President Mr. Hau-Cheong Chau as Honorary Manager. And having ex-Hong Kong soccer celebrity Hing-Keung Ma as Chief Coach, Yau-Shun Ai as Coach.

The Team participated in the 1999 Summer Chinese Soccer League Co-hosted by Vancouver Chinese Soccer Association and Ming Pao, and competed as a C-grade team. After three rounds of races, won the championship with 13 wins and 2 losses, with player Yi-Choi Kong named Most Valuable Striker. Among the players were experienced veterans like Tai-Yau Chan, Kowk-Fai Sin, Hang-Ling Wu, together with young players King-Hon Fung, Tak-Ho Lee, Wan-Sun Cheung and Wai-Siu Chan giving outstanding performance. Chief Coach Hing-Keung Ma leading every weekly training session, bolstering team cooperation adn spirit; Team Manager Rick Hui attended and involved in each match much bolstering team morale; Honorary Manager David W. Choi attended major matches. As a result, the team taking the League Championship.

Looking forward to the year 2000, on top of attending different games, the team wishes to get more mature and young people involved in the activities. Applying to Vancouver School Board for training grounds, developing more players, strengthening the team, and achieving our goals.

CCBA 1999 Soccer Team
CCBA 1999 Soccer Team champions founded and led by Director Mr. Rick Hui (front, 4th from left)